Toulouse, the Pink City

Place du Capitole in Toulouse - France


The city is known as the Pink City because of its buildings, where dwellings were traditionally built from terracotta brick.  This method still gives the centre of Toulouse an unparalleled degree of consistency and charm.  The three-star Hotel Riquet is not left out, and its façade is decorated with red bricks that give the building a distinguished air, and when you stay in our charming and characterful property, you’ll be completely immersed in the ambiance of the city throughout your stay.

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Toulouse, a rich cultural life

The city of Toulouse benefits from a rich heritage and a history that spans the centuries.  A visit to the city of violets will satisfy your cultural longings, with everything from Celtic ruins to the most recent additions to a city that has managed to grow and evolve while respecting its history and the existing buildings.   Every single era has therefore left its mark and this historic patchwork has resulted in a pleasant city that is lovely to wander around, exploring its many museums and churches as well as the basilica. The traces of the past have been preserved and maintained with great care at locations such as the Musée des Augustins or the sanctuary of the Saint-Sernin basilica.  If modern art is more your thing, you’ll be blown away by the Abattoirs, which despite its name is the city’s museum of modern and contemporary art, where permanent collections combine with temporary exhibitions to create an unmissable landmark of Toulouse’s modern cultural scene.  Every single one of these sites is easily accessible on foot or by using the public transport.  The streets, the banks of the Garonne and the city’s large parks, such as the Prairie des Filtres are just some of city’s spaces where you can enjoy yourself at any time of year.

Toulouse, at the cutting edge of technology

Toulouse’s is location is one of its many strengths.  Easy to access, and with international connections provided by Blagnac Airport, the city of Toulouse and the surrounding region are accessible without the excessive congestion and overdevelopment experienced by cities such as Paris, Lyon or Marseilles. Toulouse seamlessly blends city and countryside living, with many leading technology companies choosing Toulouse as their headquarters.  The unquestionable flagship company in that respect is Airbus, which provides a livelihood, whether directly or indirectly, for many of the city’s inhabitants.  Technology is at the forefront in the Cité de l’Espace, the “City of Space”: why not try out a series of different modules that allow you to feel as though you are walking on the moon?  Your stay in Toulouse, at the three-star Hotel Riquet, will be packed full of discovery where you can satisfy the curiosity of young and old alike for an unforgettable stay.  Please don’t hesitate to ask for more information at reception of the four-star Hotel Riquet to create a tailor-made itinerary for your stay.

Toulouse, capital of a region that’s full of flavour

The cuisine of south-western France is one of the most diverse and flavoursome in the whole country.  While Toulouse itself is famous for violets and its delicious chocolate croissants, known as chocolatines, it is possible to find all the flavours of the south-western terroir in the city’s various indoor markets.  The Victor Hugo indoor market, less than fifteen minutes’ walk from the Hotel Riquet, overflows every day with top-quality fresh produce including wine, foie gras, truffles, and tins of garbure vegetable soup or cassoulet meat and bean stew.  If your stroll through the streets of the Pink City has taken you a little further afield, you may encounter the Carmes indoor market, where over fifty vendors set out their stalls, and a short trip around the market is a wonderful opportunity to collect tasty souvenirs from your stay in Toulouse.


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Les belles couleurs de Toulouse au coucher de soleil